Neon Pantheon was founded in 2009 by Nadine Prange. Nadine Prange was born in Düsseldorf. After doing a couple of different jobs and traveling around the world, she studied painting, illustration and graphic design at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. She finished her Diplom in 2009. Her graduation project, the book Neon Pantheon, became one of the winners of the Schönste-deutsche-Bücher-Award (One of the most beautiful German books). She went on to study a Meisterschülerstudium with professor Thomas M. Müller as her tutor. Currently Nadine Prange lives and works in Leipzig

“A lot of my work is related to creative printing. Using a very limited number of colors helps create the sort of intensity I’m looking for. On my page you can find examples of commissioned work as well as non-profit projects. I'm always curious to experiment with new stuff, both technically and content wise. I'm available to work for private clients, companies, publishers and magazines.“

Nadine Prange


Mein Künstlerportrait von Lisa-Marie Schöttler im Magazin der Büchergilde / Fotos: Inga Kerber / Herbst 2016 ( zum Vergrößern bitte  klicken ) :