Whenever I work with text I am trying to find a solution with hand-lettering. I like the look. The letters loose their accuracy and become more vibrant. As one may say the type speaks in a more human manner to you. Here you see some samples of my (mostly) recent work.

Handbill for an exhibition in 2017 

Handbill-draft  for a fitness-class for women

Handout for mrs.hippie in celebration for their jubilee.

A sticker. Advertisement für our pin-up-girls-project.

My own business-card 

A sticker. Advertisement für our pin-up-girls-project

Sticker for self-promotion

Draft for an exhibition-poster – my idea was to use type to describe the long and tiring path between the biblical sites Kadesh and Bered. 

2nd draft for the exhibition-poster. I do like both. This one has got the quality to be wide open to all sorts of interpretations. It  fits very much to the exhibits.