Little Books

The guys at Raum Italic in Berlin asked me to make a little book about black animals. Published in December 2015, it is part of a series of four “little books”. My colleagues Halina Kirschner, Gerlinde Meyer and Katja Spitzer were commissioned to do the little books of white, pink and green animals. Before I started working on it I thought about black:

What is black? We can only see something where there is light. In total darkness, everything — humans and animals — is black. Only in the light can we see red flowers and green grass. But how does black work? A crow is black both during day and night. Black feathers, scales or fur absorb light but do not reflect it back. Black is different. In a certain sense, black is not a color but the absence of it.

In 2016 we continued our collaboration and another little book of animals was published. This time my colour was red. Let´s have a look-